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by Latif Shaikh
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by wnpp
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by Андрей Гаврилин
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by Emmanuel Bourg-3
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by Ioan Stan
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by Adam D. Barratt
Debian Internationalization and translation. 61154 164868
by Frans Spiesschaert
All submitted bug reports as well as further information on them are distributed here. 695300 1249813
by Helmut Grohne
All mail regarding release-critical bugs is copied to this mailing list. See for more information. 198722 378874
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Bug reports against orphaned packages and discussions about fixing them. 39970 47250
by Debian testing autor...
Design, structure and translation of Debian web pages. All important changes to the web site are announced here as well. 13468 25550
by Paul Wise via nm
Orphaning and adopting packages which is done through the `wnpp' BTS pseudo-package is recorded on this list. Additionally, discussion about particular bugs and the WNPP web pages is held here. 81403 129646
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
14299 28879
by Dominik George-4
Coordination of Debian releases issues such as testing migrations, transitions and removals. This list should not be considered a discussion list; discussions related to releases issues should be held on more appropriate lists such as debian-devel, debian-legal or debian-project. 37840 102831
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion about kernels used with Debian (Linux, Hurd, etc.), available patches and flavors, packaging issues, bug reports, porting issues, automated tools, and any other questions or patches that are kernel-related. 37015 70699
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Quality assurance is important for a distribution. This list addresses this quality. 4166 12097
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Support for Debian users that speak French. (High-volume mailing list.) 19720 111019
by hamster-2
Discussion and coordination among maintainers of Debian's Qt, KDE and dependent or related packages. 58693 77257
by Debian FTP Masters
The maintenance of Debian 'lint' tools like lintian or linda is discussed on this list. This may or may not be limited to bug reports regarding the checks. 18731 32537
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion of issues related to printing on Debian systems. This covers all aspects of printing, from spoolers, to RIPs and printer drivers. The list is used for coordination of development, integration and bugfixing of printing packages between package maintainers. User printing and printing setup questions are also on topic. 9617 16415
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Debian GNU/Linux will get a new, friendly frontend to its package maintenance system. Its codename is deity (now known as APT) and its development is discussed here. The -digest is open to everyone. 13978 23344
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion on Debian packaging of GCC, the GNU compiler collection: bug reports, porting issues, any kind of questions or patches. 29751 38649
by Matthias Klose
Mails in which Debian maintainers forward bugs to their upstream authors. 37745 37745
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Support for Debian users that speak Spanish. (High-volume mailing list.) 23352 128123
by Galvatorix Torixgalv...
Discussion about the X Window System within Debian. This is NOT a user support list; this list is intended for those who deal with the source code. 52683 76754
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion of all things related to the several Debian Emacs packages and their add-ons. 1148 2040
by Debian FTP Masters
Maintenance of the Apache HTTP server and related packages in Debian: code changes, reproducing bugs, talking to upstream etc. It is neither for submitting bug reports (please use the BTS for that), nor for support requests. 6493 10053
by Francesco Potortì
Support for Debian users that speak Italian. (High-volume mailing list.) 15143 76087
by Luca Costantino
Newbie Debian developers can seek help with packaging and other developer-related issues here. This list is not meant for users' questions, but for new maintainers'! 18499 68996
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
4068 9747
by Ingo Wichmann-2
Discussions and organizational stuff about booths for Debian at european exhibitions. 986 2202
by Bernd Zeimetz-4
Announcements of development issues like policy changes, important release issues &c. 1550 1620
by Bernd Zeimetz-4
Support for Debian users that speak German. (High-volume mailing list.) 21492 147690
by Dirk Paul Finkeldey
Support for Debian users that speak Russian, and Russian localization issues: translating 'po' files, coordinating patches for Debian packages to work with the Russian language. 9388 75024
by Maksim Dmitrichenko
Support for Debian users that speak Catalan. 1906 9482
by Blackhold
Discussion about the development of applications that produce multimedia content, handling multimedia data, supporting multimedia hardware etc. 3323 4926
by Debian FTP Masters
Discussion on the PowerPC port of Debian GNU/Linux. 3222 16004
by Mathieu Malaterre-4
Discussions on the MIPS port of Debian GNU/Linux. 1565 5134
by Mathieu Malaterre-4
Packaging of Objective Caml programs and libraries. ( 14157 20626
by Ralf Treinen-10
Maintenance of the OpenSSH packages for Debian. It exists to facilitate coordination of ssh maintenance (talking to upstream, reproducing bugs, hacking on the code, etc.). It is NOT the place to mail bug reports (use the BTS for that), nor support requests. 4219 6625
by Debian FTP Masters
The list is dedicated to coordinate the work of various perl package maintainer and to write a kind of perl sub-policy. 4017 12376
by Dominic Hargreaves-2
Coordination of the maintenance of the OpenOffice packages in Debian. 20346 31284
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion of issues related to Python on Debian systems with a stress on packaging standards. Therefore relevant for maintainers of Python related packages. 2958 13613
by cz 172638
Support for Debian users who speak Portuguese. (High-volume mailing list.) 19066 72004
by Marcio de Araujo Ben...
Discussion about the Debian New Maintainer process, application manager reports etc. 3404 6798
by ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬)...
Discussion and editing of the Debian Policy Manual. 4725 13988
by Bill Allombert-4
Porting Debian to BSD (all *BSD variants). 6551 15684
by Giovanni Mascellani-...
2429 15674
by melody
3944 3962
by Moritz Muehlenhoff
Discussion of issues relating to the use of Debian for science research, including useful packages, particular problems faced by scientists using Debian, how to make Debian more useful to scientists, etc. 2277 10917
by Jerome BENOIT-3
User and Developer list for accessibility-related issues. 4623 10268
by Samuel Thibault-8
Public meeting, business and announcements of the Debian Technical Committee 964 6812
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion on providing a free operating system for medical care. The Debian-Med Project web page is at 4162 18817
by Sébastien Jodogne
Discussions on the PA-RISC port of Debian GNU/Linux. 961 3530
by John David Anglin
Important changes to the FTP archive are announced here. These are mainly useful to maintainers of Debian mirrors. 300 810
by Jonathan Sélea
Discussion on development issues in Italian. 329 872
by Matteo F. Vescovi-5
Discussion on Debian packaging of the GNU C Library, the most important library on Debian systems. 19282 29477
by Debian FTP Masters
Discussion on the ARM (esp. Corel Netwinder) port for Debian GNU/Linux. 3190 15945
by Dererk-6
Debian users and developers who wish to involve more women in the Debian project. For discussion and sharing of ideas as well as project collaboration. 644 2685
by Mechtilde Stehmann-2
Discussions and organizational stuff about booths and presentations for Debian at North American exhibitions. 206 285
by Louis-Philippe Véron...
Email sent by the bug tracking system regarding the dpkg packages. 8439 16349
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Debian Documentation Project: anything related to documentation in Debian is on topic here. 4535 9480
by Holger Levsen-2
Debian port of the GNU Hurd operating system. 4361 11167
by Debian FTP Masters
Support for HAMRadio within Debian GNU/Linux. 4185 6272
by Thomas Beierlein-3
Job postings can be published on this list in order to make them public to members of the Debian community. While the jobs do not necessarily have to involve the use of Debian, it is encouraged that they do. Jobs can be about the development of proprietary system, but jobs involving free software (either development or system administration) are preferred. Please include information such as location and remuneration if appropriate. The list is moderated; it is also an open list - job postings which have to be kept private should be sent to who will distribute them. 432 448
by Iain R. Learmonth-3
Changes to the releases are announced here. This includes security upgrades as well as important bugfixes. 9589 9589
by Olly Betts
Discussion about the Debian Archive Software, consisting of dak for the archive and the buildd related parts wanna-build/sbuild. 5540 6006
by Ansgar Burchardt-8
Discussions on the IBM S/390 port of Debian GNU/Linux. 1025 2444
by Paul Wise via nm
Discussion on the Alpha port of Debian GNU/Linux. 1081 3669
by John Paul Adrian Gla...
Discussion and coordination among maintainers of Debian's GTK+, GNOME and dependent or related packages. 817 2562
by Manuel A. Fernandez ...
Discussion of issues related to Ruby on Debian systems with a stress on packaging standards. Therefore relevant for maintainers of Ruby related packages. 1780 5984
by Pirate Praveen-3
Discussions and maintenance of dpkg, the basis of the Debian packaging system. 4868 12257
by Adrian Bunk-3
848 1102
by Debian FTP Masters
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