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by Richard Owlett-3
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by Paul Wise via nm
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by Ben Hutchings-3
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by Thorsten Glaser-6
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by Aurélien COUDERC-2
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by Laura Arjona Reina-4
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by Emilio Pozuelo Monfo...
Debian Internationalization and translation. 60191 161902
by Lev Lamberov-3
Coordination of Debian releases issues such as testing migrations, transitions and removals. This list should not be considered a discussion list; discussions related to releases issues should be held on more appropriate lists such as debian-devel, debian-legal or debian-project. 36087 100780
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
All submitted bug reports as well as further information on them are distributed here. 681688 1217335
by Emilio Pozuelo Monfo...
Orphaning and adopting packages which is done through the `wnpp' BTS pseudo-package is recorded on this list. Additionally, discussion about particular bugs and the WNPP web pages is held here. 78590 126541
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion on the ARM (esp. Corel Netwinder) port for Debian GNU/Linux. 3149 15601
by Gilles-2
Quality assurance is important for a distribution. This list addresses this quality. 4084 11957
by Andreas Tille-5
Discussion of all things related to the several Debian Emacs packages and their add-ons. 467 1258
by Debian FTP Masters
All mail regarding release-critical bugs is copied to this mailing list. See for more information. 189541 364967
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Support for Debian users that speak German. (High-volume mailing list.) 21366 146667
by Elimar Riesebieter
Newbie Debian developers can seek help with packaging and other developer-related issues here. This list is not meant for users' questions, but for new maintainers'! 18005 68195
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
14034 28522
by Holger Levsen-2
Support for Debian users that speak Russian, and Russian localization issues: translating 'po' files, coordinating patches for Debian packages to work with the Russian language. 9344 74719
by Dmitry Alexandrov
Discussion about the Debian New Maintainer process, application manager reports etc. 3217 6552
by Holger Levsen-2
The maintenance of Debian 'lint' tools like lintian or linda is discussed on this list. This may or may not be limited to bug reports regarding the checks. 18283 31917
by jenkins
Packaging of Objective Caml programs and libraries. ( 13778 20228
by Leopold Palomo-Avell...
Discussion on Debian packaging of the GNU C Library, the most important library on Debian systems. 19056 29182
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Support for Debian users that speak French. (High-volume mailing list.) 19482 109472
by Daniel Caillibaud-5
Discussion about the X Window System within Debian. This is NOT a user support list; this list is intended for those who deal with the source code. 51987 76016
by Debian FTP Masters
Design, structure and translation of Debian web pages. All important changes to the web site are announced here as well. 13319 25257
by IDEOPROD - Laboratoi...
Discussion of issues relating to the use of Debian for science research, including useful packages, particular problems faced by scientists using Debian, how to make Debian more useful to scientists, etc. 2198 10551
by Julien PUYDT-2
Mails in which Debian maintainers forward bugs to their upstream authors. 36381 36381
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussions on the SPARC port of Debian GNU/Linux. 2076 8297
by Chris Ross
Discussion and coordination among maintainers of Debian's Qt, KDE and dependent or related packages. 56491 74867
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
The list is dedicated to coordinate the work of various perl package maintainer and to write a kind of perl sub-policy. 3976 12233
by Paul Wise via nm
Discussion of issues related to Python on Debian systems with a stress on packaging standards. Therefore relevant for maintainers of Python related packages. 2818 13091
by Scott Kitterman-5
Discussion about the development of applications that produce multimedia content, handling multimedia data, supporting multimedia hardware etc. 2631 4183
by Debian FTP Masters
Important changes to the FTP archive are announced here. These are mainly useful to maintainers of Debian mirrors. 289 789
by osluz
Debian users and developers who wish to involve more women in the Debian project. For discussion and sharing of ideas as well as project collaboration. 634 2644
by Helen Koike-3
Discussion on providing a free operating system for medical care. The Debian-Med Project web page is at 4031 18278
by Andreas Tille-5
Discussion about kernels used with Debian (Linux, Hurd, etc.), available patches and flavors, packaging issues, bug reports, porting issues, automated tools, and any other questions or patches that are kernel-related. 36185 69667
by Adrian Bunk-3
Support for Debian users that speak Spanish. (High-volume mailing list.) 23231 127477
by Felix Perez
3808 3826
by Salvatore Bonaccorso...
Support for Debian users that speak Italian. (High-volume mailing list.) 15031 75259
by Nicola Ferrari (#554...
Discussion of issues related to Ruby on Debian systems with a stress on packaging standards. Therefore relevant for maintainers of Ruby related packages. 1762 5902
by Lucas Kanashiro
Public meeting, business and announcements of the Debian Technical Committee 950 6788
by Ian Jackson-2
Debian GNU/Linux will get a new, friendly frontend to its package maintenance system. Its codename is deity (now known as APT) and its development is discussed here. The -digest is open to everyone. 13807 23159
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Bug reports against orphaned packages and discussions about fixing them. 38759 45978
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussion about the Debian Archive Software, consisting of dak for the archive and the buildd related parts wanna-build/sbuild. 5457 5923
by Joerg Jaspert
Debian port of the GNU Hurd operating system. 4312 11039
by Andreas Henriksson-3
Discussion of issues related to printing on Debian systems. This covers all aspects of printing, from spoolers, to RIPs and printer drivers. The list is used for coordination of development, integration and bugfixing of printing packages between package maintainers. User printing and printing setup questions are also on topic. 9341 16066
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Support for Debian users who speak Portuguese. (High-volume mailing list.) 19020 71762
by Paulo Henrique de Li...
Discussion on Debian packaging of GCC, the GNU compiler collection: bug reports, porting issues, any kind of questions or patches. 28994 37830
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Changes to the releases are announced here. This includes security upgrades as well as important bugfixes. 9224 9224
by Markus Koschany-2
Support for Debian users that speak Catalan. 1882 9342
by Mònica Ramírez Arced...
Maintenance of the Apache HTTP server and related packages in Debian: code changes, reproducing bugs, talking to upstream etc. It is neither for submitting bug reports (please use the BTS for that), nor for support requests. 6441 9994
by Stefan Fritsch
4041 9660
by Joerg Jaspert
Discussion on the Alpha port of Debian GNU/Linux. 1068 3647
by Michael Cree
Porting Debian to BSD (all *BSD variants). 6525 15598
by Svante Signell-2
Debian Documentation Project: anything related to documentation in Debian is on topic here. 4514 9391
by W. Martin Borgert
Discussion on developing Debian into an operating system that is particularly well fit for the requirements for legal offices. The goal of Debian-Lex is a complete system for all tasks in legal practice which is built completely on free software. 174 367
by Jim Deplissey
Porting Debian to AMD x86-64 architecture. 2999 14228
by Ferenc Wágner
This is the list used to discuss development issues in French. 624 2024
by juliette Belin
Coordination of the maintenance of the OpenOffice packages in Debian. 19931 30823
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
2413 15595
by Sven Bartscher-3
Discussion and coordination among maintainers of Debian's GTK+, GNOME and dependent or related packages. 807 2524
by Jeremy Bicha-5
Discussions on the PA-RISC port of Debian GNU/Linux. 958 3522
by Frank Scheiner
Discussions and maintenance of dpkg, the basis of the Debian packaging system. 4840 12184
by Ian Jackson-2
Discussions on the m68k port of Debian GNU/Linux. 1823 10104
by Phillip Susi-3
Discussion and editing of the Debian Policy Manual. 4520 13669
by Debian Bug Tracking ...
Discussions on the use of Debian in an IPv6 network and implementing IPv6 support in Debian packages. 434 1199
by Michael Richardson-5
834 1088
by Debian FTP Masters
Important changes to the FTP archive are announced here. These are mainly useful to maintainers of Debian mirrors. 27 27
by Bastian Blank
User and Developer list for accessibility-related issues. 4564 10058
by Sebastian Humenda
Development of the Debian-based live CD/DVD takes place. As it is mainly a development list, user questions are best placed on the debian-user list. 777 2166
by Felix Miata-3
Announcements of development issues like policy changes, important release issues &c. 1506 1576
by Alexander Wirt-2
Support for Debian users that speak Swedish. 1364 5045
by Helio Loureiro
Discussions on the IBM S/390 port of Debian GNU/Linux. 1022 2440
by John Paul Adrian Gla...
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