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ANN: xterm-333

Thomas Dickey-2

                            Patch #333 - 2018/05/03

     * ensure that i18n is enabled if input-method is enabled.
     * modify  logic for pre-edit to update spot-location while the cursor
       is invisible (Kakoune #1940).
     * change default icon to newer one, "mini.xterm".
     * install   a   complete  set  of  icons,  to  simplify  post-install
     * add resource disallowedPasteControls to extend filtering of control
       characters from pastes.
     * add  print-on-error  action-hook,  and  document  action-hooks  for
       dump-html, dump-svg.
     * provide  action-hook  for print-immediate, which was available only
       as a menu-item (report by Rastislav Barlik).
     * continue to improve notes in which mention where various
       controls originated.
     * add  case  to  accept ECMA-48's bogus SD, but document the issue in
     * add control sequence for loading XPM-icon file, using the analogous
       control sequence from shelltool/dtterm.
     * add  -report-icons  option,  to  report  on  XPM-icon and title-bar
     * correct a discrepancy between locator-reports for VT220 vs VT330.
     * add  window-ops  control  sequences to complement existing ones for
       reporting  window-position  and  text-area  size  with  reports for
       text-area position and window-size.
     * display vt52 graphics mode characters.
     * correct  case-statement  for  window-ops  10, overlooked since some
       window  managers  equate  vertical-maximize and horizontal-maximize
       window hints with full-screen maximize.

Thomas E. Dickey <[hidden email]>

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