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Alert from eSafe: Infected with


Bapco detected hostile or unwanted content in this message.
If you believe this is in error, please resend the whole message to:

[hidden email]

Please make sure that you specify the recipient email address(es) in
your message.

Your email will be manually inspected and if found to be safe and in
accordance with Bapco's email policy, itwill be forwarded to the
intended recipient.


Time: 05 Oct 2006 23:33:47
Scan result: Mail modified to remove malicious content
Protocol: SMTP in
File Name\Mail Subject:  Delivery reports about your e-mail
Mail Sender: [hidden email]
Mail Recipients: [hidden email]
Details:   Infected with (Non-Removable) , Blocked   \DOCUMENT.SCR   Infected with (Non-Removable), Blocked

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