Any way to move an app to a different head of dual head?

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Any way to move an app to a different head of dual head?

Chuck Williams-2

I'm trying to configure a laptop to be a good road warrior
presentation/demo machine.  The laptop is an HQ Compaq nx9600 with an
ATI Radeon Mobility X600 video card.  The local display runs at
1680x1050.  The problem is matching this to the radically different
geometry and mode of an external monitor or projector.

I'm running the latest fglrx driver (the standard radeon drivers do not
work in this configuration).  I have working configurations for Dual
Head, Clone and Xinerama.  Big Desktop does not work for some reason.
Laptop mode does not work because the screen-toggle key (FN-F4) is not
recognized by anything (it's a no-op).  Even if Laptop mode did work, it
would almost certainly have the same problem as Clone mode.

Clone mode only works properly at the laptop's natural resolution of
1680x1050, which won't match the typical external projector and
therefore makes full screen presentations impossible (the external
display gets clipped).  The best option I have so far is to run Xinerama
with overlapping screens (Relative 0 0) and to run the laptop at the
same resolution as the external monitor (e.g., 1280x1024 or 1024x768).
This works fine, but has the unfortunate consequence of an unnatural
laptop geometry.  (I believe Xinerama works with matched resolutions
while Clone does not because Xinerarma has two device and screen specs,
while Clone only takes one).

The better option would be dual head, because I can run the two heads at
their respective natural resolutions.  But, I need to be able to preload
applications and presentations, walk up to a projector, plug in and go.

So the question:  is there any way to preload an application on the
laptop, then quickly detach it from the laptop screen and attach it to
external screen?  I'm using Gnome.

Thanks for any tips...


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