Bug#247766: tetex-bin: only the last -xrm on the command line is effective

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Bug#247766: tetex-bin: only the last -xrm on the command line is effective

Hilmar Preuße
"Matt Swift" <[hidden email]> wrote:

Hi Matt,


Five years ago you submitted this bug report. The outcome is quoted
below. Did you decide how to proceed?

> In any case, I leave this up to you whether you want to leave this
> report open as a documentation bug for xdvi man page (at least
> mention that you only get one override of a resource but can
> combine values as in your example, perhaps) or reassign this to the
> package owning the X man page for clarification of what #override
> means.  Or just close it and figure you're going to have to buy a
> fat OReilly book to get any good documentation on any of this mess
> anyway.

I would prefer solution b, i.e. reassigning. Matt, would you be so
kind and do this?  You probably remember which "X man page" you were
referring to, and thus know which package is appropriate.  If you do,
please explain the issue in a non-xdvi-specific way, and make sure
that both the tetex list and the X strike force get a copy of the
mail (I knever know whether the control server or the BTS mailserver
is faster...)

Thank you in advance,

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