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Bug#345864: I've experienced this bug.

Itai Seggev
IJYTS that I've expereinced this bug and that it corrupted my root
file system. However, it only happened under some very unique

I reinstalled from sarge DVD's, then upgraded to etch pacakges. I then
restored my original /etc (which I backed up to a separate partition)
and rebooted, which recorrupted my root FS. (This was mid December,
right around the 15th). However, if I just went forward with the new
udev configuration and restored my hdparm paramters, the problem did
not resurface. So I'm not sure if the problem was with one specific
version of udev, or perhaps local modifications of the config files,
but it was not pleasant. :( This happened with by 2.6.12 and 2.6.13
(and maybe 2.6.8?), so I don't think it's a problem with a specific
kernel version but (at least for) a problem with a specific version of

I believe I still have my ole /etc and can supply you with lspci
output or other information if you feel it would be useful.


Itai Seggev, University of Mississippi, Department of Physics and Astronomy

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