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Evandro romero
Ru-mor N-e w,s':

O,*ncology M.e+d.. I_n.c'.  (O.TC: ON,CO) a Cance.r T reatme nt Sol.ution's G*roup is s_a_i-d to h,a v_e

ex_per'ienced o+v.e-r a 1000*% i+ncre*ase in rev*e'nues f'o_r t h-e fi_scal 3+r*d qu+arter endi+ng J-u l.y*,
2-0'0.7 comp*,ared w_i t*h t_h e pri*or y e_a'r wh ile fis.cal fou_rth quar+ter re,sults f'o,r 2.0*0-7 a*r-e on

tr,ack to excee-d t'h.i's year_’s thir.d q uarter resu'lts.

O N-C,O add+ition_ally plan-s to in+cr_ease s'ervice of-fer'ings whic'h a_r e currentl*,y underwa'-y.

D.on’t w+a i+t f+o'r t.h*e n-e.w.s to c,o.m_e o'u*t a-n-d l.o+s+e t,h_e opportunit -y to g,e.t in f,ront of the

gener.al inves,t+ing publ*ic.  On+co,logy M_e*d is in a multib,il lion doll*ar i-ndus+try w,h'e_r'e
t-h'e,y a+r'e g_aining mark_et s_hare rapidly*.

C.a l*l y+o+u'r broke+r n-o*w f,o*r O_N'C*O-.

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