Bug#390413: singularity: Includes a non-free font

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Bug#390413: singularity: Includes a non-free font

Kari Pahula-2
Package: singularity
Version: 0.22-1
Severity: serious
Justification: Policy 2.1

singularity includes a font, Acknowledge, downloaded from

The disclaimer/license on the web page says:

All of the Fonts on this site are made by me (Brian Kent), and all of
them are Freeware. You can use them any way you want to (Personal use,
Commercial use, or whatever).

If you have a Font related site and would like to offer my fonts on
your site, go right ahead. All I ask is that you keep the text file
included within each zipped file, intact with the Font.

You may not Sell or Distribute my Fonts for profit or alter the font
file(s) [.ttf .fon] in any way without asking me first. I can be
reached at aefonts[AT]frontiernet[DOT]net

Singularity's author only included the first paragraph in their README
file.  The third paragraph fails the DFSG.

We're currently working on packaging a new version of singularity and
had to split the game data to a non-free/games package already since
upstream licensed the game data under CC-SA-2.5 sometime after 0.22.
Putting Acknowledge in that package will close this bug, too.

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