Bug#557214: Update: wspr -- weak signal propagation reporter

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Bug#557214: Update: wspr -- weak signal propagation reporter

Hello All,

It's been a while since things were updated on this package, so I
thought a status update is in order.

* With allot of assistance form DD Kamal and John AC6SL, packaging is
well under-way.
* debian folder is mostly complete, copyright review and debian-watch is
about all that's left < I think :-) >
* Allot of upstream tidy-up work has been completed, making the build
much simpler. The build can now be run without having to manually run
autogeh.sh and creating patches before hand.
* Still need to address an override_dh_compress issue (very minor),
where examples are compressed and shouldn't be.
* Menu items, for DE's that have them, has been added, but needs
thorough testing.
* All that is left from the upstream side is a formal release and tar.gz
for the watch file.
* Kamal may have more things for me to address,  but last check went
fairly smooth overall.

Greg, KI7MT

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