Bug#864498: isc-dhcp-server omapi configuration setup script

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Bug#864498: isc-dhcp-server omapi configuration setup script

Ian Jackson-11
Package: isc-dhcp-server
Version: 4.3.5-3
Severity: wishlist

I have been looking into trying to query a dhcp server I am running.
I found there is a thing called omapi which can be used via a program
called omshell.

However, the configuration needed for this is rather ad-hoc and
manual.  I found these instructions:


I am not competent to review that properly, but it has the very
obvious problem that the omapi secret value is directly in the
dhcpd.conf.  This is obviously undesirable.

Also, it would be nice to provide a slightly more cooked way to do

I suggest:

 * Providing a script (perhaps in .../doc/examples) which does
   the key generation.

 * Adding a commented-out omapi configuration to the supplied
   dhcpd.conf, which:
      - reads the key from a separate file somehow
      - has a comment pointing to the example key gen script
      - has a comment saying how to use omshell with this