Bug#906016: transition: gjs built with mozjs60

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Bug#906016: transition: gjs built with mozjs60

Simon McVittie-7
Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
Tags: moreinfo
User: [hidden email]
Usertags: transition
X-Debbugs-Cc: [hidden email]
Control: block -1 by 904991 904994

libgjs.so.0 currently uses Spidermonkey 52 (mozjs52) and is packaged as
libgjs0g. The latest upstream version uses Spidermonkey 60 (mozjs60),
which I'm in the process of packaging. It isn't entirely clear to me
whether this will require a gjs SONAME bump; if it does, we'll either ask
upstream to bump the SONAME, or rename the library package to libgjs0h
with Conflicts/Replaces as was done for previous similar transitions.

This requires some trips through NEW. I'm reporting this tagged moreinfo
for your information, because we are not ready to proceed yet.

mozjs60 is fully coinstallable with mozjs52, and we do not require the
other Spidermonkey users (cjs, policykit-1 in experimental, and everything
that still uses the ancient mozjs185) to be ported immediately.

After mozjs60 arrives, the transition from gjs <= 1.53.4 (mozjs52) to
gjs >= 1.53.90 (mozjs60) might require source changes in gnome-characters,
gnome-documents, gnome-maps, gnome-sound-recorder, gnome-sushi,
gnome-weather, ostree-tests, polari or any GNOME Shell extension due
to some Mozilla-specific extensions having been dropped in mozjs60;
there is a tool that can be used to check for the most common issues,
which I'll use as a basis for bug-filing at some point.