Bug#913430: mark libxml-commons-external-java Multi-Arch: foreign

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Bug#913430: mark libxml-commons-external-java Multi-Arch: foreign

Helmut Grohne
Package: libxml-commons-external-java
Version: 1.4.01-3
Tags: patch
User: [hidden email]
Usertags: rebootstrap
Control: affects -1 + src:scilab src:xerces-c

The affected packages cannot satisfy their cross Build-Depends, because
their (transitive) dependency on libxml-commons-external-java is
unsatisfiable. In general, Architecture: all packages can never satisfy
cross build dependencies unless marked Multi-Arch: foreign. The packages
built from xml-commons-external are data packages that entirely lack
dependencies and maintainer scripts. Therefore such a marking is
correct. Please consider applying the attached patch.


xml-commons-external_1.4.01-3.1.debdiff (1K) Download Attachment