Bug#923005: nmu: flightgear 1:2018.3.2+dfsg-2

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Bug#923005: nmu: flightgear 1:2018.3.2+dfsg-2

Gabriel F. T. Gomes-2
Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: [hidden email]
Usertags: binnmu

nmu: flightgear_1:2018.3.2+dfsg-2 . ANY . unstable . -m "rebuild against libsimgear-dev 1:2018.3.2+dfsg-5"

Fetching of 'live weather' data was broken on flightgear, as reported in
https://bugs.debian.org/921598#5.  The fix is not in flightgear itself,
but in libsimgear-dev, which flightgear build-depends upon.  Recently,
libsimgear-dev was updated (with the fix) on the archive, and now
flightgear needs to be rebuilt for the fix to be effective to users.

I have manually built flightgear with the updated libsimgear-dev, on
x86_64, and I confirm that it actually fixes the problem.