Bug#929236: unblock: sa-exim/4.2.1-17

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Bug#929236: unblock: sa-exim/4.2.1-17

Magnus Holmgren-4
Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: [hidden email]
Usertags: unblock

Please unblock package sa-exim:

Fixes have been made to address the issues that caused the Exim team to drop
the local_scan support (wich sa-exim admittedly is the only package
utilizing), but then reinstated in anticipation of this upload. Please refer
to https://bugs.debian.org/926878 for the discussion.

There's no bug report mentioned in the changelog corresponding to the fix for
the overwriting ov local_hostname because I thought #926952 was about that,
but that was more about exim4-dev missing due to the Exim team's decision due
to that bug, so it was closed when exim4 4.92-6 was uploaded to unstable.
Anyway, the the changes are small and address significant bugs that can cause
perhaps not data loss but great inconvenience in repairing data in certain

So I'd be grateful if you'd

unblock sa-exim/4.2.1-17

Magnus Holmgren        [hidden email]
Debian Developer

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