Bug#929576: unblock: hexchat/2.14.2-4

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Bug#929576: unblock: hexchat/2.14.2-4

Mattia Rizzolo-5
Package: release.debian.org
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please consider unblocking this new release of hexchat.

It fixes a crash on exit in the python plugin, caused by something that
python 3.7 did.

From my side it went unnoticed till now because nothing notifies me of
crashes, and clearly my window manager hid it from me... I never though
of running it off a terminal…  also I'm sorry I misinterpreted/ignored
the relevant bug, only a recent bug in ubuntu triggered me to act on it.

While on it I also renamed (really, just renumbered) the other two
patches… sorry for the littel noise in the debdiff, but it really is not
doing anything extra apart the renaming (git is more clear).

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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