Bug#930656: unblock: gokey/0.0~git20190103.40eba7e+really0.0~git20181023.b4e2780-3

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Bug#930656: unblock: gokey/0.0~git20190103.40eba7e+really0.0~git20181023.b4e2780-3

Benjamin Drung-6
Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: [hidden email]
Usertags: unblock

Please unblock package gokey

The current version of gokey suffers the RC bug #930426 which makes the
RSA key generation non-deterministic. The main purpose of gokey is to
generate deterministic keys. The second upload to Debian unstable fixes
the build failure by increasing the timeout for the tests, because the
tests take very long on mips/mipsel. The gokey tests takes 11408.183 s
(= 190 min) on minkus.debian.org (mips porter box).

By the way, gokey
0.0~git20190103.40eba7e+really0.0~git20181023.b4e2780-2 is more or less
the same version as 0.0~git20190103.40eba7e-1, because there are only
two upstream commits between 20181023.b4e2780 and 20190103.40eba7e.

The debdiff is attached. My email address changes and this is not
mentioned in the changelog.

unblock gokey/0.0~git20190103.40eba7e+really0.0~git20181023.b4e2780-3

Benjamin Drung
System Developer
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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E-mail: [hidden email] | Web: www.ionos.de

Head Office: Berlin, Germany
District Court Berlin Charlottenburg, Registration number: HRB 125506 B
Executive Management: Christoph Steffens, Matthias Steinberg, Achim

Member of United Internet

gokey_0.0~git20190103.40eba7e+really0.0~git20181023.b4e2780-3.debdiff (22K) Download Attachment