Bug#930783: FTBFS: mate-applets on ppc64el

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Bug#930783: FTBFS: mate-applets on ppc64el

Frédéric Bonnard-2
Package: src:mate-applets
Version: 1.20.3-2
Control: tags -1 ftbfs patch


Dear maintainer,
mate-applets fails to build on ppc64el.
On this architecture libcpupower is used instead of libcpufreq .
Looking at upstream, it seems that mate-applets completely switched to
libcpupower on all arch since kernel 4.7.
So I propose to follow that move by depending on libcpupower-dev and
remove patch 1000-fix-build-on-linux-4.7-or-newer.patch that suppose libcpufreq use :



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