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Bug#931591: Bug update

Seth Foley-2
Hi Bernhard,

Thank you for the instructions. After additional testing, my initial
report was mistaken; instead, it is probably the selection of a
particular destination folder. When I ask Handbrake to write to my
external (5 TB) disk, connected over USB 2, it crashes with any preset.

However, the backtrace (in /var/lib/systemd/coredump) is ~320 MB. Is
there information I can extract from it, or a particular way I should
make such a large file available?

Output from journalctl --no-pager:
Aug 03 09:25:25 sethix kernel: show_signal_msg: 17 callbacks suppressed
Aug 03 09:25:25 sethix kernel: ghb[26263]: segfault at 0 ip
00007f0f9a103fb4 sp 00007f0e81ff14e8 error 4 in
Aug 03 09:25:25 sethix kernel: Code: 74 12 88 0c 0c 8a 48 03 48 83 c0 04
88 0c 0c f6 c1 ff 75 d2 48 8d 42 fc 66 66 2e 0f 1f 84 00 00 00 00 00 0f
1f 00 48 83 c0 04 <8a> 08 84 0c 0c 74 21 8a 48 01 84 0c 0c 74 16 8a 48
02 84 0c 0c 74
Aug 03 09:25:25 sethix systemd[1]: Created slice
Aug 03 09:25:25 sethix systemd[1]: Started Process Core Dump (PID
26399/UID 0).
Aug 03 09:25:27 sethix systemd-coredump[26400]: Core file was truncated
to 2147483648 bytes.
Aug 03 09:25:28 sethix systemd-coredump[26400]: Process 7024 (ghb) of
user 1000 dumped core.

                                                 Stack trace of thread
                                                 #0  0x00007f0f9a103fb4
n/a (n/a)
Aug 03 09:25:28 sethix systemd[1]: [hidden email]:

Thanks, --SF

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Bug#931591: Bug update

Bernhard Übelacker-3
Hello Seth Foley,
sorry for the delay.
I guess that "Core file was truncated to 2147483648 bytes." means that
the current configuration probihited to save the whole process.

So first you could try to start handbrake the following way:
    ulimit -c 0
(That might raise that limit and allows to save a bigger core dump.)

The other guess I have might be to uncomment in /etc/systemd/coredump.conf
the line with ProcessSizeMax and set its value to e.g. 4GB.
Cannot say it that is activated immediately or needs a restart.

If either or both work, then maybe the stack trace in the journal
would reveal some more lines - currently there is just that one
line that points to libc - which is unlikely causing the issue.

Alternatively you might start handbrake like below in a debugger.
Then you don't need to change any system settings, just need ho have
installed the package gdb. That should create a file in you home directory
gdb-handbrake_*.log that you could forward to this bug.

    script -a ~/gdb-handbrake_$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S).log -c "gdb -q -ex 'set width 0' -ex 'set pagination off' -ex 'run' -ex 'bt' -ex 'info reg' -ex 'bt full' -ex 'info share' -ex 'detach' -ex 'quit' --args /usr/bin/handbrake"

Kind regards,