Bug#934487: cdrom: detect incomplete initramfs

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Bug#934487: cdrom: detect incomplete initramfs

Bernhard Übelacker-3
Package: cdrom
Severity: wishlist
Tags: d-i

when I tried to find something about #932149,
which got closed because the submitter received spam,
I found something that may still of interest.

When RAM is limited it might happen, that not the whole
initrd fits into RAM. But the kernel gets loaded and
can unpack that part of the initrd that got loaded.

In case of #932149 I assume that because no /var exists
the variable cons gets nothing assigned and then
steal-ctty crashes because that unconditionally looks at the
second paramter.

Therefore the installer could never start and inform the
user about the low memory situation.

Might it be desireable to have init check if it can
find a message "Initramfs unpacking failed" in dmesg,
or put something at the end of the initrd and check for it
existing, to know if all could be unpacked?

And if detected stop further actions, or at least warn the user.

Kind regards,