Bug#935834: RFP: gitea -- A painless self-hosted Git service

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Bug#935834: RFP: gitea -- A painless self-hosted Git service

Phil Morrell
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : gitea
  Version         : 1.9.2
  Upstream Author : The Gitea Authors
* URL             : https://docs.gitea.io/en-us/install-from-source/
* License         : Expat
  Programming Lang: Go
  Description     : A painless self-hosted Git service

 Gitea is a self-hosted git service aiming to provide a full suite of
 features similar to Gitlab or Github. It aims to be light weight,
 feature rich, and easily maintained.

I'm hoping that the last year since its removal from Debian has seen
more clarity about go packaging expectations, it'd be great to have a
mid-weight forge available - more features than cgit, less resource
usage than gitlab. That said, there's clearly more to it than I can see,
so I'm including several comments from the previous maintainer here.



Please remove the "gitea" package from contrib.

- Any attempt to rebuild will result in a build failure
- It is severely out of date
- It has security bugs
- It has other functionality bugs
- It is currently orphaned (potentially a temporary status)
- It may or may not meet DFSG to the extent that contrib may be inappropriate
  (in it's current state, non-free seems more appropriate)
- It has never been stable enough to reach testing



The volume of dependencies is too much for a single person to handle. The packages
that once existed have mostly been removed from Debian due to auto-QA processes.


NB. the contrib reasoning in the above link doesn't seem as bad anymore:


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