Bug#937061: Python3 Port of ModelBuilder

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Bug#937061: Python3 Port of ModelBuilder

Andreas Tille-5
Hi Flávio,

Varun Hiremath once cared for Debian packages of ModelBuilder[1].  His
effort seemed to have been stalled and so Debian remained at version
0.4.1.  In the process of migrating all Debian packages from Python2 to
Python3 I stumbled upon this package and moved under Debian Science
team maintenance[2].

I realised that version 0.4.6 need a Python module BIP[3].  (BTW, as a
general remark: It would be nice if you would keep release tags in sync
with PyPI.)  Since BIP is not packaged for Debian I would consider doing
so - but only Python3 modules are permitted to go into Debian.  Since
I'm not sure whether I will reach my original goal to get ModelBuilder
converted to Python3 succesfully I wonder whether you can uncover some
plan you might have with ModelBuilder whether you want to port it
yourself do Python3.

Kind regards


[1] http://model-builder.sourceforge.net/
[2] For Debian readers the repository can be found here:
[3] https://github.com/fccoelho/bayesian-inference