Bug#947729: Acknowledgement (radicale: broken after upgrade from stretch)

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Bug#947729: Acknowledgement (radicale: broken after upgrade from stretch)

Stefan Fritsch
After some more debugging and stracing, I finally got it to work:

Debug logging works if one starts radicale from the command line, not as
a service. Maybe this is due to --daemonize in the init script?

The directory for the converted collection was wrong. The (upper)
collection-root must go inside /var/lib/radicale/collections. This then
looks like this:


Yes, there are two levels of 'collection-root' directories.

The whole tree /var/lib/radicale/collections must be owned by the
radicale  user. This caused the 500 internal server error because there
was one .Radicale.lock file owned by root. strace  with -f and -s 200 on
the radicale process gives the error message even if the logging is broken.

The new radicale is more strict on some required attributes, I had to
add some missing FN fields. See https://github.com/Kozea/Radicale/issues/830

I still think that the missing info in NEWS.Debian is a grave bug,
therefore I am not downgrading it.