Bug#955524: nvidia-cuda-toolkit: needs gcc-8

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Bug#955524: nvidia-cuda-toolkit: needs gcc-8

Andreas Beckmann-4
Package: nvidia-cuda-toolkit
Version: 10.1.168-7
Severity: important
Control: block 954831 with -1

We need to prevent removal of gcc-8 since it is needed for building
packages with cuda support. I recently noticed a FTBFS of
eztrace-contrib in sid.
nvidia-cuda-toolkit does not expose a hard dependency on gcc-8 since we
have that or-ed dependency list of all supported ancient gcc and clang
versions. This will change with the nvidia-cuda-toolkit-gcc package
currently sitting in NEW. That should make it easier to have a contrib
package building with nvidia-cuda-toolkit and a non-default gcc.

Unfortunately the situation does not seen to improve with 10.2 which
still only supports gcc <= 8 according to