Bug#955638: cargo: please package recent version

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Bug#955638: cargo: please package recent version

Carsten Schoenert
Hi Ximin,

Am 18.04.20 um 21:01 schrieb Ximin Luo:

> Sorry, I had a brain-fart here.
> We have 2 cargo packages, 1 (rust-cargo) that is part of our rust
> crate packaging ecosystem with its web of dependencies, and 1 (cargo)
> that explicitly embeds its dependencies to avoid this type of issue. >
> The latter is what you want, and I've just uploaded it too, so there
> should be no need to wait for the below packages. I got confused
> earlier because we use rust-cargo to update cargo, and I temporarily
> forgot my own instructions on updating the packaging. >
> So Thunderbird should now be unblocked on this front.


In the between time I've untangled the remaining build issues (and
removed the version check for cargo for now) within the latest beta and
could create working packages. I uploaded these a few hours ago and TB
1:76.0~b1-1 waits for review in NEW too.

I'm happy I did make some remarkable process on this!

Carsten Schoenert