Bye bye GNOME Team -- this was a nice trip

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Bye bye GNOME Team -- this was a nice trip

Marc Dequènes (Duck)


Since this summer, after a personal not so good period, i realized
my life needed some reorganization. This is not a funny job and i'm
delaying things too much. Fact is my interrests have evolved and i
chose to give more time to real life than before and check the
projects i'm already involded into.

The GNOME Project is one that i chose to resign from because my
pleasure in this job has fallen quite down, for reasons i have not
completely analysed. Surely my faith in the GNOME project itself has
diminished. And i lack knowledge to hack deeper into upstream parts,
which is often part of the motivation for being maintainer, but
realized i've no real pleasure learning in this area.

I did a lot of work in a not so distant past, and i think i took
care not so badly of the packages seb128 gave me when Marrilat
dropped all his GNOME packages. Nevertheless, i know panel and
applets need a lot more time and knowledge to be really well
maintained, more than i can give and have currently. Even with the
help the Team gave me, i feel this is not sufficient and fresh
blood is necessary. I would like to pass on my packages to someone
really motivated, and willing to work into the Team of course
(no way we get back to Marillat-alike maintainership).

I hope you would understand my feelings, and be sure this was not
a pleasant decision. I'll stay around until my packages have a new
maintainer, and try to help as much as possible for the transition.

Even if my relationships with the members of the Team are sometimes
mixed feelings, i would like to thank you all ; i learned a lot in
this project, and especially with seb128, my dedicated sponsor and
advocate when i was NM. I'll still be in touch with some of us in
other projects, and i hope i could meet again the other ones
pleasantly in the future.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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