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Hello, guys!

I have router that shape traffic with cbq+sfq and everything was working
fine until today when I put two more files one for upload and one for
download, and  I get high latency about 20-30ms the usage of CPU0 is about
100%. if I remove these two files then everything is back to normal. With
these two files I have more than 2222 files one for upload and one for
download. There is no difference between these two files and other files I
think that the problem is with number of rules. Is there any limits for
sfq and can I increase them?

router hardware configuration:
dual p4 xeon 2.4Ghz ; 1GB/ram ; two nics e1000/64bit

running kernel is 2.4.27

traffic that pass through router is about 300mbps 40-50kpkt/sec

Any help, suggestions or comments on that will be appreciated.



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