Converting pkg-gnome to new git layout

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Converting pkg-gnome to new git layout

Jeremy Bicha-5

We've completed much of the work for migrating svn packages to git
repos. This project has been years in the planning but became more
urgent with the upcoming Alioth shutdown. The new git repos use DEP-14
style branch names with full upstream source and upstream commit

For more information about the layout and workflow, see

We also intend to convert existing pkg-gnome git repos to the new
layout this week. Please speak up immediately if there are any
concerns about that.

Git doesn't handle renaming branches very well, so I recommend backing
up any local commits, branches or tags you may have and then just
doing a new clone of the repos after they have had their branches

There are a few pkg-gnome repos on collab-maint that we will probably
move to pkg-gnome this week too.

Some packages did not export correctly so we'll need to temporarily
continue using the svn repos for them.

Jeremy Bicha