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Mrs. Naomi Johen
Dearly regarded,

I call on you for urgent service. Through divine guidance i reached
out to entrust you with my fortune for a purpose of charity project. I
am compelled by my present health challenge to reach you after coming
across your contact in humanitarian calendar event of the year.

I considered you a God fearing one who can use my fortune creditably
for Charity project. I have ten & half million US dollars in my
account to release to you for this project. I am from Israel, a widow
and of age 59 without a child. I have been suffering from cancer for
long but my doctor recently declared that it has come to the worst
stage and my life is no longer promising. Due to the uncertainty of my
survival, i considered seeking for your assistance in disposing my
fortune for establishment of charity project for the sake of less

Here on my sick bed i am writing by the help of a nurse in a
specialist hospital here in Israel. If you may be willing to carry out
this task, i will be so glad and ready to amend my WILL to portion 20%
of the money to you personally and the rest you will use for the
charity project.
I confide in you with my whole heart and i hope you will not be
ashamed to work to the glory of God through this charity project. From
your heart, i would like you to reply urgently and state your own
opinion. I will appreciate your quick reply due to my present

May God bless you as i expect your quick reply.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Naomi Johen.