Debian Desktop Artwork Online Meeting POSTPONED.

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Debian Desktop Artwork Online Meeting POSTPONED.

Gustavo Franco-2
I did my best to show up tomorrow and talk with you about the Debian
Desktop Artwork infrastructure. Unfortunately, we need to delay the
meeting a bit. It was originally scheduled for 26 Aug but we've a new
date now, see below.

There will be a Debian Desktop Artwork Online Meeting, -
#debian-meeting,  5 Sep (Tue) 20:00UTC.

The agenda is:

 * How we're handling login screen, wallpapers and splash screens
 * Template images for login screens, wallpapers and splash screens
 * desktop-base or multiple source packages
 * Roadmap for Etch and Etch+1

Who is welcome ?

 * pkg-gnome, pkg-xfce, pkg-kde and others desktop environments maintainers
 * gdm, *dm maintainers

More information at:

-- stratus

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