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Debian Expert: packaging, security updates, consulting, and more

Raphael Hertzog-4

Freexian (my company) is doing rather well and I'm looking for help,
either on a salaried basis or on a contractor basis. I tried to describe
the various roles that I handle within Freexian. I would like to find
someone who is able/willing to handle all of them... but we can also
split them between two persons. Note that many of the tasks require you
to be a Debian developer with upload privileges. All the work is to be done

LTS / ELTS Manager
• Follow the work of the paid LTS / ELTS contributors, ensuring that they
  live up to our expectations
• Ensure we have enough LTS / ELTS contributors to handle the work load
• Follow the discussions on mailing lists (private *-[hidden email]
  alias, public lists like debian-lts and debian-security-tracker), step in
  or ask a paid LTS contributor to step in when required (when problems
  introduced by paid contributors are reported, when sponsors/customers ask
  questions, etc.)
• Be pro-active, make proposals to improve the general LTS workflow

• Dispatch work hours to LTS / ELTS contributors
• Ensure all the paid contributors have published their report and publish
  a monthly report on behalf of Freexian (3h/month)
• Recruit new paid LTS contributors (when the number of contributors is
  not sufficient to handle the work load)
• Respond to queries of sponsors / customers and of paid contributors.

Possible tasks (unsure, to be discussed):
• Invoice customers/sponsors.
• Onboard new sponsors.
• Find new sponsors.

FTR, LTS refers to
and ELTS to

LTS Contributor
• Handle the day-to-day work of a paid LTS / ELTS contributor

• Prepare and release security updates for LTS / ELTS
• Handle CVE triaging on a regular basis
• Improve the LTS-specific infrastructure
• Improve the Debian security infrastructure in general

Skills required:
• Be fluent in many programming languages including C, be able to learn
  new programming languages
• Have a good knowledge of the various kind of security issues
• Debian packaging

Debian Packager
• Estimate the time required to package a given piece of software
• Create (policy compliant) Debian packages of various software
• Maintain packages (in Debian or outside)

Skills required:
• Debian packaging
• Knowledge of many programming languages and familiarity with their
  ecosystem of tools (including their Debian packaging tools)

• Debian developer status

Debian Expert
• Communicate (by email or by video-conference) with the customer to
  understand his need/problem and provide useful advice, possibly under the
  form of a report that you will have to write.
• Handle technical support requests, mostly by email, with the goal of
  solving the problem at hand but also to teach the customer so that he can
  deal by himself with a similar problem in the future.

Skills required:
• Expert knowledge of Debian and good knowledge of the most popular free
  software available in Debian.
• Be fluent in English.
• Bonus: be fluent in French (Freexian has a few French-speaking customers)

Python/Django Developer
• Build new infrastructure for Debian LTS / ELTS.
• Build new web project to easily replicate the “shared resource/work” concept of
  Debian LTS / ELTS in other contexts (free software related or not).

In this role, the customer is Freexian itself, either investing in its own
infrastructure or building a new service that could become a new source of
income after launch. This role could be used by a Freexian employee when
the work available in the other roles is not sufficient to fill their


If you are interested in this job offer, please reply to this email and
get back to me. Feel free to forward this email to anyone that could be

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Freexian SARL ◈ Tel: +33 (0)6 88 21 35 47