Debian Maintainers Keyring changes

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Debian Maintainers Keyring changes

Debian FTP Masters
The following changes to the debian-maintainers keyring have just been activated:

[hidden email]
    Full name: Lee Garrett

[hidden email]
    Full name: Utkarsh Gupta
    Added key: 6C9D10484A9AE4CC385F7C71823E967606C34B96

[hidden email]
    Full name: Hilmar Preusse
    Added key: 729D8041C7AB18EE93F3A17A0C871C4C653C1F59

[hidden email]
    Full name: Nicolas Schier
    Added key: 18ED52DBE34F860EE9FBC82B7D97093255A0CE7F

[hidden email]
    Full name: Stewart Ferguson
    Added key: 12EA56E806E370882A198F71186CF99F98E75ABD

Debian distribution maintenance software,
on behalf of the Keyring maintainers