Debian Project News - February 5th, 2017

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Debian Project News - February 5th, 2017

Laura Arjona Reina-4
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The Debian Project                   
Debian Project News                  [hidden email]
February 5th, 2017
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Welcome to this year's first issue of DPN, the newsletter for the
Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

  * Welcome to the Debian Project News!
  * Internal News/Happenings
  * Events: Upcoming and Reports
  * Help needed
  * More than just code
  * Reports
  * Quick Links from Debian Social Media
  * Want to continue reading DPN?

Welcome to the Debian Project News!
- -----------------------------------

We hope that you are enjoying the new format of the DPN.

For other news, please read the official Debian blog Bits from
Debian [1], and follow which RSS-feeds
the @debian profile in several social networks too.


Debian's Security Team releases current advisories on a daily basis
(Security Advisories 2017 [2]). Please read them carefully and
subscribe to the security mailing list [3].


At the end of this project news we've added a Quick Links section
which links to many of the posts made through our other media streams.

Internal News/Happenings
- ------------------------

Updated Debian 8: 8.7 released

The seventh update of the stable distribution Debian 8 "Jessie" was
published [4] on 14 January 2017. This update mainly adds corrections
for security problems to the stable release, along with a few
adjustments for serious problems.


News on Debian "Stretch"

Debian "Stretch" has entered [5] its "soft freeze" (no new source
packages will enter "Stretch") and it will enter its "full freeze"
soon: all changes to "Stretch" will require approval from 5 February
Time to squash Release Critical bugs and to begin planning a Release
Party [6]!


The Debian-Installer "Stretch" RC 1 release was published [7]. It has
been followed [8] by the "Stretch" RC 2 release a few weeks later.
Tests and reports to find bugs and further improve the installer are
Installer CDs, other media and everything else are available for
download [9].


Events: Upcoming and Reports
- ----------------------------

Upcoming events

Debian at FOSDEM 2017

On 4–5 February, Debian will be present at FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels,
Belgium, with more than 45 current or past contributors speaking at
the event, plus a Debian stand with gadgets, T-shirts and swag.
Details can be found in the related post published in the Debian
blog [10].


Bug Squashing Parties and MiniDebConfs

On 25–26 February 2017 there will be a Bug Squashing Party in Endocode
AG, in Berlin, Germany. See the wiki page [11] for details.


On 17–19 March 2017 there will be the MiniDebConf Curitiba 2017 [12],
which will host its own Bug Squashing Party among other activities [13


That same weekend of March 2017, a number of Debian Developers and
friends of Debian will gather together in a Mini-DebConf at the
FOSSASIA Summit in Singapore. Visit the wiki page of the
MiniDebConf [14] if you want to know more details, join or help in
the organisation!


DebConf17 in Montreal

The organisation of DebConf17 (Montreal, Canada, 6–12 August 2017) is
going on. The Call for Proposals will be published soon. Fifteen
companies or organisations have decided to support the event, Savoir-
faire Linux [15] being Platinum sponsor among them. DebConf17 is still
accepting sponsors; visit its website [16] for more details.


Bid deadline for DebConf18

Hsinchu (Taiwan) and Curitiba (Brazil) are the bids for DebConf18.
There has been a meeting for bid evaluation and a decision meeting
will be held on 15 February 2017. See all the details about the bids
and these meetings in the DebConf18 wiki page [17].


Event Reports

A report from the last meeting of the DebConf18 in Curitiba bid at
UTFPR [18] has been published along with a report from the Debian Edu
sprint in Oslo in November 2016 [19].


The Mini Debian Conference Japan 2016 took place on 10 December 2016
in Tokyo, Japan. Visit their website [20] to see the program and get
slides of the talks.


The Debian Med Team made a sprint on 12–16 January 2017 in Bucharest,
Romania. They had a productive time dominated by bug fixing and
upgrading packages for the "Stretch" release as well as writing or
fixing autopkgtests for Debian Med packages. More details and personal
reports in their sprint wiki page [21].


There has been a Bug Squashing Party on 27–29 January 2017 in Cambridg
Information about the bugs investigated and worked on can be seen in
its wiki page [22].


Once upon a time in Debian:

  * 2013-12-27 Contributors service available [23]
  * 1999-01-04 Joey Hess releases first issue of Debian Weekly News [2
  * 2007-01-10 Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 "Woody" archived [25]
  * 2011-01-24 Debian derivatives census [26]


Help needed
- -----------

Packages needing help:

Currently [27] 1032 packages are orphaned [28] and 47 packages are up
for adoption [29]: please visit the complete list of packages which
need your help [30].


Newcomer bugs

Debian has a 'newcomer' bug tag, used to indicate bugs which are
suitable for new contributors to use as an entry point to working on
specific packages. There are 188 [31] bugs available tagged 'newcomer'


More than just code
- -------------------


945 people and 17 teams are listed on the Debian Contributors [32]
page for 2017.


- -------

LTS Freexian Monthly Reports

Freexian issues monthly reports [33] about the work of paid
contributors to Debian Long Term Support.


Reproducible Builds status update

Follow the reproducible builds blog [34] to get the weekly reports on
their work in the "Stretch" cycle.


Quick Links from Debian Social Media
- ------------------------------------

This is an extract from the [35] feed, in which
we have removed the topics already commented on in this DPN issue.
You can skip this section if you already follow
or the @debian profile in a social network (, GNU Social, or
The items are given unformatted, and in descending order by date
(recent news at the top).


January Debian Brasil Community will be at Campus Party Brasil 2017

"Debian is a puzzle: difficult" by Arturo Borrero González

" has been modernized", by Michael Stapelberg

Debian hexagonal stickers made by Elena Grandi, available in the

The root CA for Let's Encrypt (ISRG root X1) is now part of Debian's
Jessie, Stretch and Sid releases

"20 years of being a debian maintainer" by Riku Voipio

New Debian Developers and Maintainers (November and December 2016)

Bits from the DPL - 2016Q4

Stretch release update: Mandatory 10 day delay for migrations and
other upcoming events

December Free FPGA programming with Debian

"10 years of Debian" by Chris Lamb

Next step for Debian Stretch: testing migration delay is now 10 days

Jonas Meurer: On CVE-2016-4484, a (security)? bug in the cryptsetup
initramfs integration The Federal

Police of Brazil thank the Debian Project

Want to continue reading DPN?
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Please help us create this newsletter. We still need more volunteer
writers to watch the Debian community and report about what is going o
Please see the contributing page [38] to find out how to help. We're
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<[hidden email]>.


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This issue of Debian Project News was edited by The Publicity Team
with contributions from Andreas Tille, Ben Finney, Cyril Brulebois,
Jean-Pierre Giraud, Justin B Rye, Laura Arjona Reina, Paulo Henrique
de Lima Santana and Thomas Vincent.
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