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It seems that we never learn from our faults making it unavoidable that history repeats itself. Our parents and grandparents wondered why they were not informed of important incidednts happening in their lifetimes; we too may think about this question as will the next generation if we don’t expose what must be uncovered.

'Why wasn’t I told about this?' is the question that was asked when General Patton’s troops released the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, and when the outside world finally learned about the horrific experiences of Kolyma and Stalin’s gulag archipelago.

The horrors in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union were made possible because those in the outside world were not asking or simply did not know enough to inquire. Can you imagine the reach of a government’s hiddend and strictly confidential machinery in Germany that could keep people in the dark about the massacre happening in their own backyard?

We asked ‘Why wasn’t I told about this?’ with all due indignation when the SARS cover-up in China was finally exposed. Each time we hoped that it would be the last.

Grave acts of concealment are happening even today.

China’s totalitarian regime has sought to whitewash a mass- murder campaign it willingly contrived, and one whose web of complicity is stunningly vast. How can we not be aware of such a brutal, drawn out, vast campaign that targets at 'destroying' 100 million people for their commitment to a popular meditation and exercise practice that helps improve body, mind and moral character?

What is incomprehensible) is how a peaceful, spiritual practice that was presented to the public back in May of 1992 and quickly obtained popularity could be abruptly banned in China. Unable to withstand the overwhelming recognition of Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) and accept the increasing numbers of Falun Dafa followers exceeding the members of the Communist Party, the ex-president Jiang Zemin put a prohibition on the practice on July 20, 1999. Seventy million people were following Falun Dafa when the persecution began. Since the beginning of the oppression, people who practice Falun Gong in China have been arrested imprisoned tortured and often killed.

Why should we care about what happens in China? Well, for one, it is a crime against humanity and our muteness in the face of such carnage acts to unknowingly perpetuate China’s actions. A more innocuous and yet sneakingly tricky situation furthers our involvement as we are drawn by the cheap Chinese products filling our markets. Many of these products are made by detainees unlawfully held in torture camps. So when we purchase an article from China we are actually supporting the oppression.

Every nation’s prosperity and well-being needs an educated citizenry. Let's spread awareness to the next generation so they may look back one day and not ask 'Why weren't we told about this at school?' and 'Why didn't we do anything about it...?