Dual Core CPU + SMP kernel = 100% CPU utilization

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Dual Core CPU + SMP kernel = 100% CPU utilization

Toufeeq Hussain
I'm running Debian Etch on an intel dual core 1.83GHz cpu. I have a
doubt regarding the choice of kernel to use for this cpu. I'm
currently using the stock kernel from etch.

topa@sting:~$ uname -r

the problem is that which I switch to the -smp kernel of the same
version as above, applications seem to be using a lot of CPU. Firefox
takes up around 80% and Xorg shifts from 80-90% when I move the cursor
around on the screen. At times cpu utilization for firefox goes to
about 100+ utilization and the system becomes unusable. gnome-terminal
refresh becomes choppy and the cursor starts flickering. I'm using the
binary nvidia kernel on this laptop.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but should I be using a -smp kernel for
the dual-core kernel ? If yes they what am I doing wrong to see such
high cpu utilization ?

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