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Nathanael Nerode-4
So, I've requested two QA uploads to stop producing useless binary

I've also requested that libgtk-perl stop producing
libgtkhtml-perl, since that's at the top of the dependency chain.
(If the maintainer of libgtk-perl wants to keep producing that
package, he had damn well better adopt the gtkhtml, gal0.x, bonobo,
and libcapplet source packages, because he'll be the last user.)

Once those are done, the many removal requests I filed can be

This will leave four GNOME 1 source packages out of the ones recently
orphaned by Thomas Bushnell, plus imlib.  The python bindings for
GNOME 1 are also already orphaned, for a total of six source packages
which need maintainers (or removal!).  Packages depending on the
packages are listed below each package, not counting the packages
in the removal plan above.

* python-gnome (hopefully with python-gnome-1.2 dropped)
  - xkeysw-config
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
    -- last user of python-glade-1.2 binary package; the rest
       of these just use python-gtk-1.2
  - scigraphica
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - gaby
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - sql-editor
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
    - Experimental as well as obsolete.
  - pydict
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
    - Maintainer probably MIA, last upload in 2002
  - Recommendation: Get these people to port to GTK2.  Remove the
    packages of those who don't respond.  If someone wants to keep
    their package and has difficulty porting it, ask them to maintain
    python-gnome.  See also #368515.
* gnome-print
  - hylafax-client (with enscript as an alternative dependency)
  - terraform
    -- Maintainer [hidden email]
  - libgnome-print-perl
    -- no revdeps, should really be dropped
  - gphotocoll
    -- Maintainer [hidden email]
  - cronosii
    -- Maintainer [hidden email]
  - Recommendation: ask [hidden email], [hidden email], and/or
    [hidden email] to maintain gnome-print.  If none of them
    are interested, drop the package.
* oaf
  - guikachu
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
    - Uninstallable and kicked out of testing
    - Not updated since 2004
    - Removal request filed
  - sgcontrol
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - sanduhr
    - Orphaned
  - libgnome-vfs0 and libgnome-vfs-common (gnome-vfs)
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
    - gnome-vfs used by:
      - guikachu and guikachu2rcp
      - sgcontrol
  - gconf and libgconf11
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
    - libgconf11 used by:
      - guikachu and guikachu2rcp (see above)
      - sgcontrol (see above)
  - Recommendation: ask [hidden email] and/or [hidden email]
    to maintain oaf.  If neither is interested, drop the package.
* libglade (hopefully no longer producing libglade-bonobo0)
  First the packages depending on libglade-gnome0:
  - guikachu (see above)
  - gnobog
    - Orphaned
  - multi-gnome-terminal
    - Orphaned
  - gnotepad+
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - gnomp3
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - gnome-think
    - Orphaned
  - gnome-find
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - gnome-chess
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - gabber
    - Maintainer [hidden email]
  - bins
    - Maintainer [hidden email], comaintainer [hidden email]
  Now the packages depending only on libglade0:
  - pike7.6-gtk
    - but filed requesting that maintainer drop the package
  - stars
    - maintainer [hidden email]
  - xemacs21
    - maintainer [hidden email]
  - python-glade-1.2
    - only used by xkeyswconfig, see above
  - Recommendation: There are a lot of users of libglade still.
    Any one of the above maintainers might want to pick it up; even
    if nobody does it should probably still be kept for now.
    These should be the priority packages for conversion, since after
    the removal of the above packages, these will be at the top of
    the dependency chain.
* gnome-libs
  - Loads of depending packages: all of the above plus more.
    Definitely can't be removed soon.  I wouldn't work too hard
    on converting the packages which depend only on this, at this
* imlib
  - Loads of depending packages: all of the above plus more.
    Definitely can't be removed soon.  We can't even drop
    gdk-imlib11-dev yet, as there are still so many packages which
    use it.
  - It's possible the gtk+1.2 maintainer might be interested in this
    one, since a lot of the same packages depend on both.

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