GNOME Summit - Cambridge, MA - October 11-13

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GNOME Summit - Cambridge, MA - October 11-13

Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Hi Debian folks,

The GNOME Summit this year will be taking place next Saturday-Monday at MIT. The event is an unconference, and there will be both planning sessions and hacking time. Some topics already listed include:

 * Application development (Bundling, SDKs, builder, sandboxing, kdbus, ...)
 * Wayland (porting completion, future possibilities, ...)
 * Privacy
 * What makes a core application

Richard Stallman will be there on Saturday to talk to the group.

You are welcome to attend and add topics of interest to you. If you plan to come, please add yourself to the wiki. That will help us with planning for breakfast and events. See for more information.


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