[Git][ocaml-team/ssreflect][master] 5 commits: New upstream version 1.9.0+dfsg

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[Git][ocaml-team/ssreflect][master] 5 commits: New upstream version 1.9.0+dfsg

Felix Lechner-5

Ralf Treinen pushed to branch master at Debian OCaml Maintainers / ssreflect


  • 687951eb
    by Ralf Treinen at 2019-08-20T07:22:08Z
    New upstream version 1.9.0+dfsg
  • 7b8e848a
    by Ralf Treinen at 2019-08-20T07:22:22Z
    Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/1.9.0+dfsg'
    Update to upstream version '1.9.0+dfsg'
    with Debian dir a6ccf23bf271725101645be5d8739adb54b5c80a
  • 0f904153
    by Ralf Treinen at 2019-08-20T07:26:07Z
    bump build-dep on coq
  • bcc5a7da
    by Ralf Treinen at 2019-08-20T07:32:12Z
    standards-version 4.4.0
  • 03a83188
    by Ralf Treinen at 2019-08-20T07:50:11Z
    installation of doc files: update name of upstream changelog file

27 changed files:

The diff was not included because it is too large.