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Help need in a Debian Based Project

Tarun Kumar
Dear all,

We at FOSSASIA working on project Meilix (, a Debian based distribution.

We are facing an issue with the OS that it just boots into a blank screen. We documented the errors occurred and the steps performed in the issue #270
Meilix is based on 32 bit and we are now trying to convert it into 64 bit. We tried replacing the image file of 32 version with 64 bit, but it actually didn’t work. We documented every step performed in the issue #24.

You can find all the releases here:

And specifically you can download the latest releases from here: 1.42 GB meilix-xenial-20180624-i386.iso

It would be great if we get your valuable response regarding the issue.

Thanking You

Tarun Kumar

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