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ITA bugs for old GNOME stuff

Jeremy Bicha-5
So I guess it's time that we should give an answer to Adrian Bunk
about his ITA bugs for gconf, libgnomecanvas, pygtk, and libart-lgpl.

The gconf ITA doesn't seem needed to me. The only things left in
Testing depending on gconf are eclipse (huge pain to deal with) and
pulseaudio (migration in progress). I think stuff in Unstable really
needs to be ported away from gconf. Because of that big list, I guess
gconf will be in unstable for a while.

The pygtk ITA also doesn't seem needed. According to he acknowledges that pygtk should be
removed in bullseye. Based on the packages in Testing still depending
on pygtk, it looks like removing pygtk from Buster isn't reasonable.
So pygtk still needs to be maintained for Buster and we should
probably be the ones to do it still.

Part of my intent with the pygtk RC bugs was to start the long process
of pushing gtk2 out of Debian. And I hoped that Python packages would
be relatively easy to port to gtk3 and GObject Introspection. And I'm
ok with old unmaintained apps getting pushed out of Debian.

That leaves libgnomecanvas and libart-lgpl. libgnomecanvas is gtk2 so
we really need to eventually be encouraging developers to stop using
it and it will need to get pushed out of Debian eventually. Maybe that
should happen for Bullseye too and maybe we should keep maintainership
until then.

Once libgnomecanvas is removed, there's only like 2 packages using
libart-lgpl: dia and python-renderpm. So I guess I don't see a strong
need for him to take over maintainership there either.