Installing a new mptlinux driver

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Installing a new mptlinux driver

Chuck Williams-2
Hi All,

I'm trying to install lenny on a system with Intel RAID Technology II
and a SAS 1064e/1068 RAID chipset.  The install CD is not recognizing
the RAID disks.  The system came with an updated Fusion-MPT driver
(mptlinux) in source form (and precompiled binaries, but alas not for

What is the best way to generate an installer that uses the new driver?
I presume one way to is to compile a new kernel on a different system
that replaces the existing driver (in drivers/message/fusion) with the
new one, and then to repackage an installer with this patched kernel.

Does this sound like the best approach, or might there be a simpler
way?  I've found the documentation on installer repackaging here,  It says it
is not up-to-date on kernel configuration requirements for a current 2.6
kernel.  Is it sufficient to use the standard debian config for the
latest kernel, or does the installer have some special requirements?

Thanks for any help,


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