Ispconfig working now on Buster Hppa

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Ispconfig working now on Buster Hppa

Mike Hosken-2
Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that the web hosting platform ISPconfig is now installable using the Buster stable distribution of Parisc Linux. 

ISPConfig is a widely used Open Source Hosting Control Panel for Linux, licensed under BSD license and developed by the company ISPConfig UG.[1] The ISPConfig project was started in autumn 2005 by Till Brehm from the German company projektfarm GmbH

ISP config configures and manages the following services 
  • HTTP: Apache2 and nginx
  • SMTP: Postfix
  • POP3/IMAP: Courier and Dovecot
  • FTP: PureFTPD
  • DNS: Bind, PowerDNS, and MyDNS
  • Database: MySQL, MariaDB 

Installation information can be found at 

Please note steps 16 and 18 are in the repo so you just need to apt install jailkit etc. 

The current Buster installer can be found here.

Having testing this for around a week I’ve had no issues. Hopefully this will enable some more parisc/hppa server back in service, as I’ve found in the past the do an excellent job. I would at a guess recommend an A500 with 4 gigs ram about the minimum hardware requirement. For larger loads a machine like a rp3440 -4 would be perfect. 

The software used in running isp config 
Will get bug and security updates. 

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