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Java packages and autopkgtest


Java Team's page [1] states that some help/information is needed
regarding the autopkgtest. I haven't seen much Java packages having
autopkgtests, but to me it seems possible at least for packages using
maven-debian-helper. Maybe there are gotchas that I am not aware of?

Workflow of an autopkgtest as I see it:

1. Remove the sources of the package, but leave tests (i.e. 'rm -f

2. Patch POMs to make tests depend on built artifacts;

3. Run the Debian package build process as usual, omitting the
dh_auto_build step.

I have tested this workflow manually for a simple package, and it seemed
to work. Such autopkgtest would help to detect breaking changes in
dependencies at least. I assume this could be automated into something
like autopkgtest-pkg-maven or like.

Any thoughts?