Jürgen's summary of the gathering in Narvik

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Jürgen's summary of the gathering in Narvik

Jürgen Leibner
First I have to thank all for the great gathering and that I are allowed
to participate with you all great guys.

Here is my summary of the gathering in Narvik:

The main part of my work was to help setting up the new
www.skolelinux.org website for multilingual use and to fill it with
initial content.
Therefore I had prepared a demosite for demonstrating functionalities in
workflows and usecases.
The beta site was launched and after installing all needed modules, they
are set up and brought to work.
The first content was moved from the actual site to the new site and it
was tested how some workflows has to be used.
Then I translated the first pages to German.
Some issues in functionality are left, but should be fixed soon.
A new theme and further usecases were discussed. The new theme was
installed and initially pimped up for use, but isn't got allready
working. There is actually left some work for the next weeks, I think.

Greetings to all and many thanks to Anders and Ole for letting me
participate in the team.
Not to forget Alf Tonny Bätz, who kindly hosted me the last night at
Narvik and cares about my needs in a very friendly way.

Jürgen Leibner