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Merge requests for flash-kernel

Alper Nebi Yasak
Hi, I have been working on getting flash-kernel to work on some
Chromebooks (they have an unconventional way of booting). To help with
that situation I also did some work that could help flash-kernel in general.

Set root in kernel cmdline when there is no initramfs:

Support compressed kernel images:

Support overriding initramfs-tools configuration:

They are mainly intended to reduce the flashed initramfs/kernel sizes,
and about not breaking installations with a custom kernel where it may
be packaged as a gzip and/or not have an initramfs for some reason.

I also have an older MR about supporting the Chromebook firmware /
bootloader ("depthcharge"). The first few commits of that are actually
independent changes to flash-kernel, not really depthcharge-specific
(e.g. the very first commit evolved to be the first MR above). It would
be nice if you could review them too:
- Add mkimage function to make U-Boot FIT images
- Extend write_mtd as write_device to support non-mtd devices
- Extend check_mtd_size as check_size to support non-mtd devices
- Move root device detection to functions as get_fstab_device

I'd appreciate reviews from all.

(I'm not subscribed to the ML. Please CC: me for replies.)