Multiple desktop icons for encrypted devices?

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Multiple desktop icons for encrypted devices?

Magnus Therning
On Sid I've just noticed a rather irritating new behaviour.  I have a
LUKS encrypted partition on my USB memory stick.  In an earlier attempt
to get it mounted under a "nice" name I gave the filesystem (ext3) a
name ("Stick").  That wasn't honoured at all so I added a HAL policy
that sets the volume.label:

    <match key="volume.uuid" string="d23647f8-22be-4a8c-86f8-8f59975e9e61">
      <merge key="volume.label" type="string">StickCrypt</merge>

That worked just fine.  I ended up with a well-known mount point
(/media/StickCrypt) and a desktop icon named by the label.  Great!

Lately the behaviour has changed.  I now end up with two desktop icons,
named Stick and one named StickCrypt.  They both lead to the same mount
point, /media/StickCrypt.

Has anyone else noticed similar behaviour, and how do I get back the old


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