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Natural Gas Econ in Houston

Amanda Grace


Understand the factors that sustain the price of natural gas, from
wellhead to the customer meter or LNG destination point.

Reserve your seat for EMI's Natural Gas Economics 101
course, March 8-9, 2018 in Houston, TX.

    Course Syllabus  


All signs point to increasing global gas utilization at the expense of all other current energy sources. Attend EMI's Natural Gas Economics 101 and understand the economics that are driving every aspect and every decision in the natural gas industry.

Some of the areas this course will focus on are:

  • Upstream Economics for the Natural Gas Producer (NG value chain, ROI, taxes, capital expenditures).

  • Natural Gas Processing Operations and Transportation (midstream gas sector, treatment stages, natural gas liquids, safety and disposal issues, pipelines, regulations, utility pricing).

  • Economics of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG value chain, project Capex & Opex, LNG pricing mechanisms, evolving trends – exports / projects).

  • Wholesale Economics from the Seller’s Perspective (market participants & perspectives, financial market influences, price mitigation & volume excursions, seller options).

  • Wholesale Economics from the Buyer’s Perspective (buyer decisions, market players, analysis of supply offers, risk control, budget & market optimization).

  • Trade and Hedge Economics (futures, options, over-the-counter markets, technical analysis, forecasting).

  • Gas Storage Economics (storage facilities, contango/carry forward opportunities, demand drivers).

  • State of the Energy Complex (demand supply trends, geopolitical change from unconventional success – shale resources, oil vs. gas market comparison & direction)
Request a detailed course syllabus for a full list of topics covered and to explore how this course can benefit you and your energy career. Or register here.

CPE credits available for this course. This course counts towards becoming a Certified Energy Professional or Certified Energy Trading Professional Learn more about EMI's Certification Program.

See our current schedule for our most up-to-date course offerings.


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