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OSCAL'17 report, amateur HF reception blog

Daniel Pocock-4

Hi all,

The workshop at OSCAL[1] was successful and on the second day, the SDR
setup was in the courtyard with the info booths where just about
everybody stopped to see it.

I've written a detailed blog[2] about the equipment I used (antenna,
balun, ATU, upconverter, dongle, etc) so anybody else can easily
replicate this either at home or at other events.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the development and packaging
of the tools used in the demo (gqrx, GNU Radio, rtl-sdr)

At one point I wanted to take my laptop away and somebody else
volunteered a laptop with Windows on it.  The Debian Hams live ISO image
was downloaded onto a USB stick, booted up in the other laptop and
worked immediately.



1. https://oscal.openlabs.cc
2. https://danielpocock.com/building-loop-antenna-sdr-shortwave-ham-oscal17