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David Goodenough-2
Recently the Hostap module was moved from being maintained outside the
kernel to inside.  The old hostap-source package had a fix in it to allow the
module to download new firmware and flash it, but this never made it back
into the upstream version because there are a few cards out there that do
not play the game properly, and you can ruin your card if up try to upgrade

prism2_srec, which is the command that does the flashing has checks in it
to catch these, and does a pretty good job. If anything it errs on the side of
not allowing an upgrade when actually it would work.  To get around this there
is a flag on it that says ignore the checks.  prism2_srec is I think in

There is a debate going on on the hostap list and a patch has been proposed
which would add an extra kernel config question which would then define
the symbol in the subject.  The code is already in the kernel tree, but the
#define (or rather the lack of it) blocks it.

Given that the Debian version of Hostap has had this fix in it since 1st Aug
2003 with no apparent ill effects, could I ask that this same fix be added
into the Debian kernel version of hostap until the new patch makes it into
the kernel.  When the new patch does make it can I ask that the config
option in the patch is turned on in debian stock kernels.

The offending line of code is line 31 (at least in 2.6.14, I have not
downloaded 2.6.15 yet), and the line simply need to have the comment
symbols removed.

Thanks in advance


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