Potential Leads of B2B Professionals Accounts From Africa

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Potential Leads of B2B Professionals Accounts From Africa

Seema Pandey


Would you be interested in acquiring B2B Professional/Executives database across all the industries with complete contact information for your lead generation, campaigns, tele-calling and for other product promotion activities across Africa?


Industries: Information Technology, Telecommunication, HR, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Electrical/Electronic etc,.


Some of the titles you may be interested:

  • CEO, CFO, General Management, CIO, CTO, MD, CSIO, CMO.
  • VP/Director/Manager of: Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource, Recruiter, Operation, Production etc.


If interested, let me know so that I can send more information in my next email.

Await your response,

Warm regards
Seema Pandey

Sr. Lead Analyst

If you don't want to receive any further email from us, please send Leave Out in subject line.