Presenting at Art Basel this week

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Presenting at Art Basel this week

Phoenix Collective
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It's a huge honor to be presenting this week at the world's largest Art Fair, Art Basel Miami. It's impossible to describe the awe I feel to have my  
Showcasing at 

Art Basel 2018 

Dec 4th-9th 
Your support has helped me to make a difference with art, outside of the Art Gallery 
and Basel
Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes Nima's show: 
RSVP for a free Platinum, First-look Pass

As Art Basel starts this week, we have 20 VIP Platinum Passes available for those who visiting Miami.  I am humbled to announce my return to Art Basel as a featured artist, at the Scope Show for Art Basel Miami 2018.   For questions, please email [hidden email].

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Visitors engaging with the art
Visitors wearing their Wall Street Suits and Brooklyn hoodies alike, were drawn to the TEDx Feature over last month to interact with the temporary exhibit.
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Upgrading your lifestyle with soul
Life is filled with stories of life being at just the right place, and just the right time.  When a sunrise crosses two horizons, it means that light touches everything, an illumination that sheds light on the future ahead.
48"x36".  Mixed Medium Spray & Acrylic on canvas.                                                                                 
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